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May 3, 2013
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Realistic Cat Creator (RCC) is a fully customizable, genetically sound, cat generator. Currently in beta form, it includes 4 base colors; Black, chocolate, cinnamon, and red. Currently available markings are tabby, tortoiseshell, and white. 

Options blocked out with the gray N/A block may be shown by switching one of the various on/off switches. 

Download for a larger size. 

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or suggestions, and please report any bugs you may find! Any and all feedback is great!


Color option video
Tabby options video
White options video
Tortie options video
Mixing video

Things to come in the full version:

:bulletblack:Improved layout
:bulletblack:Various tabby stripe patterns
:bulletblack:Silver and gold tabby options
:bulletblack:Independent tortie color sliders
:bulletblack:Various tortie patterns
:bulletblack::bulletblack:And everything inbetween
:bulletblack:Various white growth patterns
:bulletblack:Independent white markings
:bulletblack::bulletblack:White paws
:bulletblack::bulletblack:White tailtip
:bulletblack::bulletblack:And more
:bulletblack:Undercoat options
:bulletblack:Point options
:bulletblack:Wider and more acurate color ranges
:bulletblack:And more

Donate to help fund further expansions?
Everything helps, and is very much appreciated!

Things to possibly look forward to in future expansions:

:bulletblack:Explanation buttons
:bulletblack:Various fur lengths and textures
:bulletblack:Various body types
:bulletblack:Randomized tortie patterns
:bulletblack:"Default" button to return sliders to their original starting position
:bulletblack:Ear/tail type options
:bulletblack::bulletblack:Curled/folded ears
:bulletblack::bulletblack:Manx/Bobtail tail
:bulletblack:Interactive click-to-add white pattern designing
:bulletblack:Interactive click-to-add tortie pattern designing
:bulletblack:Amber (norwegian forest cat) color option
:bulletblack:Bengal pattern
:bulletblack::bulletblack:Ear tearing or wound scars
:bulletblack:A more complete eye color range
:bulletblack:Random combination button
:bulletblack:Cat type name (for example: Black tortie tabby and white with amber eyes)
:bulletblack:Numbering on slider strengths to allow for easy recreation

Posting your created cats

To save the cats you make, screenshot (no I'm not going to go into how to screenshot here, but if you think I should, feel free to comment and request it!) the page, and crop everything outside of the dark border around the cat if desired.

If you wish to upload the cat you created, you're more than welcome to, but make sure to read and follow dA's rules on this, and always give proper credit, either with a link back to this program, or a link to my userpage.

You are not under any circumstances allowed to sell the cats you create in this program for any kind of currency, nor use these for any kind of adoptables, free or otherwise. You are however more than welcome to use the design you've made and use it with a premade lineart, or in a drawing of your own, and you may sell, give away, and use that design however you please.

Feel free to link any cats you upload from this, I'd love to see them.
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SecretsoftheNalco Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I love this creator and I would like to as a question. I am creating feline genetic website once I finish my canine genetic one. Anyway, I have been unable to draw cates for the website and I was wondering if I could use it my site. I would give full credit of course, like stated in your rules. This is the only question I have! Thank you!
Paleclaw Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Oh certainly! That sounds really cool! (:
SecretsoftheNalco Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
Thank you very much! I'll make sure to send you a link to it once it is finished!
Paleclaw Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Student General Artist
Thank you! Good luck with your site!
LunaTehKitty Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this looks really good ! i cant wait for the full version! :0
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Canyou make it into free adopts?
Paleclaw Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Student General Artist
No, I addressed that in the description. No adoptables, free or otherwise please.
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xPokemonWarriorsx Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope that it is okay to use this as a ref?
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